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The world is called A'deo, a name given by its first and only human-like inhabitants. This race of giants has existed for millenia, and over time has achieved the supreme societal ideal of peace and democratic harmony.

Emboldened by the acquisition of this cultural nirvana--a feat of which the greater historians of the giants' own early history predicted would never happen--three of its most powerful denizens set out to create their own races which they would nurture from inception into an age of prosperity mirroring their own. Using powerful magic, the giants created dimensions that existed just outside the boundaries of the real world in order to shield these fledgling races from the natural dangers of A'deo. The three new races were the Humans, the Elves, and the Mustlen.

Behind the scenes, tragedy was soon to befall the giants. The Artifact, from which only disharmony emitted, began to seep into the utopian society that had stood stalwart in its civility for ages. Brooding unrest, and then eventually all out civil war, erupted and tore the race of giants apart. The mighty giants were all but destroyed before the three creators of the newborn races could lead their primitive children to their ultimate destiny.

The dimensions protecting the humans, elves, and mustlen remained, shielding the infant cultures from the hostile environment of the real world. As each society grew over the ages, they began to wonder about the world outside of their artificial boundaries; a world which their creators had warned them not to venture into before their time.

The humans evolved the quickest, and all but abandoned their place of origin. Braving the wilds of A'deo, they took to their new home without looking back. All written accounts of their origins have since disappeared, and even the main religions of the race only hint at the truth of their creation. But not all humans left their place of birth...

The elves were slower to evolve, but when it was time to venture into A'deo, their society essentially split in two: those who refused to leave their place of safety and remain under the guidance of their original creator; and those who believed their creator abandoned them to their fate. This second group maintained societal solidarity relative to the humans, most eventually settling into a region now know as the nation of Perossa. This nation has retained the class distinctions and government of the old elven home which still exists in its own "pocket" dimension.

The mustlen have only recently ventured out into A'deo, still maintaining utmost devotion to their creator. One of their citizens--Jayen--has begun seeing visions of A'deo's destruction. While the mustlen know only vaguely of the humans and elves populating the world--and most don't care to know more--Jayen's stubborn pleading of the culture's elders has convinced them to let her act as a sole emissary for the race. She seeks an ominous artifact that pervades her visions.

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01 Prelude [COMPLETE!]
Title screen.

02 Opening Theme [COMPLETE!]

03 Forest Clearing [CLAIMED]
Michael, a young man just turned 20, walks through a tranquil clearing in the woods outside Thena. He moves steadily but slowly, longbow slung around his shoulder.

04 Battle Theme 1 [COMPLETE!]
Michael is suddenly attacked by beasts; Merrill, the main character and Michael's older sister, charges in to protect him. The game's first battle begins.

05 Merrill's Theme [COMPLETE!]
Merrill, 24, is a reserve soldier of the Wesdrow National Army. Her weapon of specialty is the katana. She lives with her brother. Merrill is every bit the archetypal older sister: responsible, protective, and a naturally gifted leader. She is a no-nonsense type, and is decisive even in tense situations. Nonetheless, she maintains a gentle disposition with allies.

06 Thena [COMPLETE!]
A small, peaceful town of the Wesdrow nation. Upon reaching adulthood, citizens are required to enlist in Wesdrow's reserve militia. While the town has maintained this loyalty to Wesdrow over the years without much protest, the town itself sits far from the dangers of large-scale war. It is surrounded on one side by a forest and opens into the Faris Plains on the other.

07 Guild [COMPLETE!]
The establishment in which the party views, accepts, and obtains the spoils of quests. Merrill and Michael frequent the guild and perform tasks to make a living.

08 [EVENT] Mission briefing [COMPLETE!]
The siblings, upon completing increasingly difficult tasks for their unit, gain the attention of their commanding officer, Captain Breks. Recently--and quite suddenly--most of Wesdrow's standing army were sent to the border due to an apparent attack unlike any they had faced before. The sudden shortage of troops led Merill and Michael to be selected for a new mission--one that would lead them dangerously close to the contested borders. An emissary of moderate importance had been sent to the township of Maniba, escorted by a small contingent of Wesdrow troops. Having not heard word from the group which should have arrived days ago, the siblings are sent to investigate.

09 Faris Plains [COMPLETE!]
A vast stretch of gently rolling grassland, green and fertile. Upon setting out into these plains for the first time, the player is met with an overwhelming sense of adventure.

10 Shelba Forest [COMPLETE!]
Bordering the Faris Plains on the east, the Shelba Forest where the siblings expect to find the missing emissary. The forest becomes increasingly darker as the trees grow in height and thicker in foliage on the lonely path east toward Maniba.

11 [EVENT] Escape to Maniba [COMPLETE!]
Eventually Merrill and Michael happen upon Jayen, the emissary. Her escort was apparently attacked and defeated by an advance Gabbad force. Jayen escaped by the use of her magic, but has been forced to hide as she was being pursued. Having little time to explain much else, the Gabbad force suddenly appears out of the woods, viciously targeting Jayen. The party opts to flee, just barely making it to the outskirts of Maniba.

12 [EVENT] Defending Maniba [COMPLETE!]
Some of the townsfolk, led by veteran Dorin Magna, had already prepared defenses due to the escalating conflict. Without warning, strange enchanted beasts descend upon the town. The party, with local army veteran Dorin Magna's aid, repels the attack of the beasts as well as Jayen's pursuers for a period of time.

13 Boss Battle 1 [COMPLETE!]
The party fights their first boss battle. After a while, the beasts suddenly turn on the Gabbad forces, driving them to retreat.

14 Victory Fanfare [COMPLETE!]

15 Jayen's Theme [COMPLETE!]
Jayen is a female Mustlen, a ferret/weasel/ermine-like creature. They come in a variety of colors, but Jayen has silver fur with a black-tipped bushy tail. Mustlen have only recently been discovered, though myths of them have existed for millenia. They possess powerful magic, and Jayen claims to be the most powerful magic-user on the planet (most people don't believe her, though). Jayen is quite proud and boastful, and loves to make wisecracks. She joins the party because she feels that her power will be needed to save the world. Over the course of the story, she becomes much more humble.

16 Maniba [COMPLETE!]
A large town nestled within Shelba Forest.

-Scenario Notes-
At this time, Jayen explains her situation. The mustlen have only recently ventured out into A'deo, still maintaining utmost devotion to their creator. One of their citizens--Jayen herself--has begun seeing visions of A'deo's destruction. While the mustlen know only vaguely of the humans and elves populating the world--and most don't care to know more--Jayen's stubborn pleading of the culture's elders has convinced them to let her act as a sole emissary for the race. She seeks an ominous artifact that pervades her visions.

Jayen had come to Wesdrow first in order to appeal to all human nations to heed her prophecies. She first met with Commander Paudren, who promised to pass on her appeal to the nation's leaders. Considering her pleas of critical importance, he felt she needed to depart right away for the other nations. He sent a contingent of bodyguards with her to Maniba, where they would then regroup and head toward Gabbad.

Merrill and Michael, bound to their duty, agree to escort Jayen. The party decides on their next destination, an important emissarial settlement in Gabbad. Dorin temporarily joins the party to show them the way.

17 [EVENT] Tension grows (On the border #1) [COMPLETE!]
Cut to a scene somewhere along the Wesdrow-Gabbad border. Captain Breks and Commander Paudren await their scouts' return. They anticipate an imminent attack by Gabbad forces.

18 World Map 1 [COMPLETE!]
The party travels east and north past the border.

19 Nanza Valley [COMPLETE!]
A network of snaking paths, low roads, and rocky plains nestled between high, dark-colored rock, the Nanza Valley cuts through the southern Gabbad mountain range. A low, constant mist settles here year-round.

20 Traveling merchants [COMPLETE!]
The party happens upon a group of traveling merchants. This particular nomadic group is recurrent throughout the game, and have merchants from which the party may purchase goods.

21 Gabbad Checkpoint [COMPLETE!]
A military checkpoint where many Gabbad troops are stationed. Dorin leads the way and convinces the troops of the party's diplomatic purpose. Dorin inquires about Gabbad forces who were further south (referring to the assassins sent after Jayen), but the commanding officer says no Gabbad forces are stationed past this checkpoint. The party moves on.

22 [EVENT] A meeting [COMPLETE!]
The party arrives at their destination and meets with the emissaries at the Gabbad settlement. They explain the situation, and one of Gabbad's emissaries speaks with Jayen about the supposed artifact of her visions. They discuss a great library in Sidhe that may have information on the subject. The leader suddenly calls a premature end to the discussion, saying this situation is of utmost importance. He urges the party to head to the Gabbad capital city as soon as possible. They'll need to go north through the mountains.

23 Uigaht Pass [COMPLETE!]
A path through the mountains, snowy and silent. Every now and then the snowfall breaks, revealing breathtaking vistas spread out across the mountains and valleys beyond.

24 The Lonely Citadel [COMPLETE!]
A citadel built on the peak of a mountain. Its dark edifices and imposing towers stand in stark contrast to the endless blizzard swirling around it. The party will have to journey through the frosty halls and across the ice-slick ramparts as they pass through this place. Guardians of ice and stone wander the passageways in search of trespassers to destroy.

25 [EVENT] Crisis [COMPLETE!]
Upon reaching the opposite side of the citadel, the party is ambushed by Gabbad forces. Their leader places Dorin under arrest, and orders him to be taken away for betraying his nation. The troops leave suddenly, and the mountain on which the citadel rests begins to rumble violently as it is bombarded by airships. The citadel crumbles, and an avalanche nearly kills Merrill, Michael, and Jayen. They run back through the citadel as it collapses hoping to find another way out. They reach a balcony and it seems they are trapped. Suddenly a small airship hovers from below, piloted by Dorin. The party jumps on just in time and escapes to safety.

26 Dorin's Theme [CLAIMED]
An aging retired soldier (late 50s or so) though seeing the party stop his home city from being destroyed inspired him to take up his firearms and join them in their quest. He appears to be a grizzled man, looking older than he is because of his grey hair. Though he is easily moved, he is mostly of the serious sort, rolling his eyes up at the goofy banter everyone else gets into. Secretly, however, he love things that are small and cute; though he claims he was inspired by the party's feats, in truth, he wanted to join in order to see Jayen up close.

-Scenario Notes-
At this time, Dorin tells how he escaped and stole an airship. He says something isn't right about the Gabbad troops who ambushed the party. He used to be a Gabbad soldier.

Dorin explains that an airship such as the one he managed to acquire would be the best way to get to the Gabbad capital. Unfortunately, it's been damaged. Not that they'd want to fly right into enemy territory after what just happened. Dorin says the party should travel to Sidhe, and he'll meet them there at an abandoned warehouse in the poor district. In the meantime, he will repair the ship. The others set off.

27 [EVENT] On the border #2 [CLAIMED]
Cut to the border with Captain Breks and Commander Paudren. Paudren orders more troops to gear up and be at the ready, though no Gabbad forces have been spotted yet. Breks hopes Wesdrow doesn't jump the gun and inadvertently spark conflict. Paudren tells him not to be concerned; it's merely a precaution.

28 Beast Battle [COMPLETE!]
The party is attacked by the strange beasts again, just outside Melsam. The battle is tough, but a young woman shows up and helps the party defeat the beasts. Her name is Reila.

Merrill relates their journey and purpose to Reila, who invites them to meet with her boss.

29 Melsam [COMPLETE!]
Melsam is a large town in Gabbad, nearly a city. There, Reila works as a body guard and medic for wealthy merchant Celdon Keller. When Merrill, Michael, and Jayen were attacked by enchanted beasts near the town, Celdon had asked Reila to assist them. They are invited to stay at Celdon's mansion.

30 [EVENT] Suspicion [COMPLETE!]
The party follows Reila to the mansion, where they have an opportunity to meet with Celdon. He explains that the beasts which attacked the party are of grave concern to him, and even suspects they have a link to an industrial tycoon known as Matthias Tirbold. He is unsure of what this link might be, but it now seems clear that the beasts are targeting Jayen.

The party is invited to stay the night.

31 [EVENT] Attack in the night [COMPLETE!]
Jayen is attacked by enchanted beasts in the middle of the night. Reila intervenes, saving Jayen's life. Her employer, Celdon, is revealed to be allied with Matthias Tirbold. Celdon, using ghastly magic Reila never knew about, attempts to finish off the party as a boss battle with him commences.

32 Celdon's Mansion [COMPLETE!]
After defeating Celdon, the party must escape his enormous mansion. Several guards, beasts, locked doors, and traps make this difficult.

-Scenario Notes-
After the party emerges from the mansion, Reila, bewildered and disenchanted by Celdon's actions, decides to join the party. To get to Sidhe, she says the party will have to travel through the Elven lands.

33 Reila's Theme [COMPLETE!]
Reila Kane is 22. Many years ago, she lost her younger brother to a monster and her parents were heart broken. Instead of following suit, she did her best to keep their spirits up. Since then, she stays optimistic, knowing that if you let yourself get down, it'll be harder to get through whatever trouble it is you're going through. When she's by herself, she does let her anxieties get the best of her, if only for a little while. She's kind of tall for a girl (5'10"), with shoulder-length black hair with violet highlights. Her eyes are a dark green. She a speedy fighter who is also good at using healing spells. Her main weapons are a pair of daggers. Her defense is low, but she makes up for it with high evasion.

Though Reila genuinely wants to help the party, she doesn't hesitate to prompt them on guild quests for her to make money--money she needs for sending back home to her ailing parents.

34 Plateau d'Lucia [COMPLETE!]
An large expanse of land bordered by a large forest to the west, the vibrant, ever-Autumnal colors of the Plateau d'Lucia remain in a state of mid-decay year-round.

35 Battle Theme 2 [COMPLETE!]

36 The Elven Kingdom, Perossa [COMPLETE!]
Perossa lies tucked away in a thick forest, its tall ramparts visible from the Plateau d'Lucia. The dense woods surround the small kingdom with the sounds of nature.

-Scenario Notes-
Here, the party heads to the castle. Jayen requests an audience with the Elven king to share the warnings of her premonition. Regretably, the king and Perossa's artistocracy seems largely apathetic to the outside world. The king explains that the elves have been involved with humans in the past, and have been inadvertently led into conflict. He wants nothing to do with the rising tensions between the human nations.

However, the king empathizes with Jayen and her strange race whom he has never had contact with. He agrees to open an ancient underground passage that leads to Sidhe, saving the party a great deal of travel.

37 Obsidian Paradise [COMPLETE!]
A cavern that has been dressed up to look anything but. Obsidian obelisks, a row of mongolia trees, and a terraced stairway mark the entrance to this grand dungeon. Veins of gold and silver lace the tunnel walls. Vines covered in blossoming flowers cling to the walls and sometimes the floor. They grow from planters lining nearly every wall. The floor is polished to a shine and doorways and arches of obsidian mark every portal. A sacred place in the dark underground, and an ancient site of the Elven race.

38 Swamps of Isthmus [COMPLETE!]
A polluted forest with a sewer system draining into it, making it a disgusting cess-marsh. The party must climb trees, wade through slime, jump from one chunk of trash to another in polluted acid streams, and fight mutants to stay alive as they make for the huge metropolis of Sidhe (the source of the pollution).

39 Boss Battle 2 [CLAIMED]

40 Defeat [COMPLETE!]
(game over)

41 Sidhe [CLAIMED]
A metropolis that began as an industrial city decades ago and has since engulfed neighboring cities and towns. These former independent communities on the outskirts transformed into ideal locations for expensive residential areas due to ample space and the surrounding scenery. Those unable to afford the cost of living were forced to either leave or move inward toward the heart of Sidhe. Just outside the main industrial center lies a large housing district for Sidhe's poorer residents. A series of abandoned warehouses flanks the residential area, and it is here Dorin has landed the stolen airship. He has gone undetected in this part of the metropolis--the part that local authorities largely ignore.

-Scenario Notes-
The group meets up with Dorin at the rendevous point, finding the airship to be fully operational. At this point Dorin recommends they visit the "Great Library" in hopes of learning more about the artifact that still haunts Jayen's visions.

42 National Anthem of Gabbad [CLAIMED]
On the way to the library, the party comes across a large gathering of people around some sort of public forum.

-Scenario Notes-
In the center of the forum stands an official representative of Sidhe, who speaks about the coming challenges of increasing hostilities between Gabbad and Wesdrow. He also warns of this unrest having an effect on local wildlife, causing unprecendented aggression toward humans.

The stage is then taken by another man. Reila instantly recognizes him as Matthias Tirbold. Matthias begins speaking to the crowd, offering hope in the form of powerful technology. Through a new working agreement between his own corporation-city, the Industrus, and Sidhe, safeguards will be put in place to keep Sidhe's elite from harm's way. The crowd seems unconvinced, and a lukewarm applause follows the speech as the crowd begins to disperse. Seemingly unaffected by this reception, Matthias begins making his way back into the central political quarters. Before entering, he meets with a woman and engages in a brief conversation.

The party realizes they are on borrowed time, and that their stay at the library will need to be quick and productive. They feel particularly uncomfortable with Matthias Tirbold--let alone swarms of Gabbad troops--walking about.

43 [EVENT] Carran's flashback [COMPLETE!]
Upon arriving at the library, the party happens upon the woman Matthias was speaking with. Not wanting to seem suspicious but still wanting to find out more about Matthias, Merrill casually approaches her and asks about the speech that was just given. The woman introduces herself as Carran, and she says she's known Matthias for a long time. She reminisces about some memory, but doesn't reveal the whole story to Merrill. Carran abruptly says she needs to leave and bids farewell, seeming to become suspicious.

44 The Great Library [COMPLETE!]
Sidhe's "Great Library" lives up to its name, layered several stories high with floors full of texts. The atmosphere is modern and serene.

-Scenario Notes-
Finally, Jayen happens upon a text on ancient myths. The cover has many symbols depicting the folklore of various cultures throughout the ages, but one in particular catches her eye: the artifact of her visions. She begins to read about a myth regarding a civilization that exists outside the reach of mortals, but that this civilization self-destructed due to its own arrogance. As such, the artifact was sent down from the heavens to redeem the people and turn them to lives of faith and altruism. According to a historian's commentary, treasure-hunters have sought the legendary artifact for centuries but have never found it. It is said to be kept near Capital City Gabbad. As Jayen studies the text intently, a sudden explosion is heard outside.

45 [EVENT] Assault of the beasts [COMPLETE!]
Enchanted beasts are running amok in the city, causing chaos and destruction. The party decides to help defend the city. They battle the beasts alongside Sidhe and Gabbad military forces, trying to keep the beasts from harming civillians.

46 [EVENT] Matthias Tirbold [COMPLETE!]
The beasts charge on relentlessly, and seem to be never-ending. Suddenly, a flash of light in the sky followed by periodic luminescent pulses emanates from the central building. The beasts suddenly act confused, and abruptly flee the city.

-Scenario Notes-
After the chaos, Matthias Tirbold emerges once again to announce to the city that, which advanced technology, he has been able to turn away the beasts--this time. He belives the creatures were somehow made aggressive by the severe pollution in the nearby swamp. He explains there may be more assaults on the city, and it is in Sidhe's best interest to allow him to install special technology to prevent further attacks.

Brooding over the events, the party hastens toward the warehouse where the airship awaits. They take to the skies and head toward Capital City Gabbad.

47 World Map 2 [COMPLETE!]

48 Airship 1 [COMPLETE!]

49 Gabbad [COMPLETE!]
Capital City Gabbad, though smaller than Sidhe, is a marvelous sight, with high walls surrounding the city proper. Impressive architecture of white, silver, and copper stone defines the tall buildings and structures, while multicolored cobblestone roads beneath marbled arches cut an angular path through the city.

-Scenario Notes-
The party does further research, and ask around. It seems someone asking about the artifact in open session at the capital was jailed for heresy. The party decides to visit the prison, knowing know that trying to meet with the national leaders would only lead to their imprisonment. Dorin says he knows the senior guard, and persuades him to let them through.

50 Shane's Theme [COMPLETE!]
Shane was an elf noble from Perossa. He was betrothed to some half-crazy, highly, irritating clingy jealous girl, and it’s no surprise that he abandoned the high life for freedom. He is in his mid twenties.

-Scenario Notes-
The party inquires about Shane's interest in the artifact. He says he discovered a possible place for it, and if they'll break him out he'll show them the way.

At this point it's clear Jayen's mission of diplomacy isn't going to work; they need to hunt the artifact itself, and without any help from Gabbad, Wesdrow, or Perossa. 

51 [EVENT] On the border #3 [COMPLETE!]
Cut to Captain Breks and Commander Paudren once again. Paudren suddenly gives the order to prepare for an assault. Breks doesn't understand since no enemy has yet been sighted, but after questioning the order Paudren demands his compliance or risk being discharged.

52 Mort Highlands [CLAIMED]
The party follows Shane as he leads them through the Mort Highlands, a mountainous region that separates Gabbad from the north. Its distinct rock formations resemble arches and bridges, and many short cave systems connect open, grassy areas to each other.

53 The Artificial Forest [COMPLETE!]
A forest of artificial trees and plants. The leaves of the trees are blue, the trunks silver and steel, and all plants are covered in veins of pulsating light. These veins run all throughout the forest. The creatures within are mainly robotic versions of animals you expect to see in a forest.

54 [EVENT] A memento... [COMPLETE!]
Shortly after entering the forest, Shane notices something on the ground--a locket. He reminisces about a certain elven woman to whom the golden trinket once belonged, although it seems not all the memories are pleasant ones.

55 Factory in the Forest [COMPLETE!]
The party happens upon what appears to be some kind of factory. Shane explains this is where they should find information about the artifact.

- Scenario Notes -
As they explore inside, they find numerous documents detailing strange experiments on animals. They seem to resemble the enchanted beasts that have been targeting Jayen since the attack on Maniba. Upon further inspection, it is discovered that this process of "enchantment" is--or was--powered by some kind of strange item that was apparently discovered in a northern mine. Shane suspects this is the "artifact" they've been looking for.

The party begins to leave, but Shane notices something unnerving as they pass by what looks like some kind of laboratory: diagrams with drawings that resemble humans.

56 [EVENT] Laurina's Fate [COMPLETE!]
Just as the party is about to leave the factory, a figure steps out of the shadows to block the way out. At one point, she might have been a beautiful elf noble. Now, through whatever hideous experiments were done to her in this place, metallic appendages and foreign organic matter have captured her in a twisting, intruding embrace. The creature she is now is a far cry from Laurina, the name Shane once called her by. He could only manage "That's her..." before the creature charges at the party in attack.

(This track will begin as cutscene music and then transition into a battle theme.)

- Scenario Notes -
After Laurina is defeated, Shane is silent. Reila suddenly realizes that Laurina's attacks were similar to those her former employer, Celdon, used. She empathizes with Shane, and it seems the two are more alike than she once thought. Shane thanks her for the sentiment, but says he still has a bargain to fulfill. By his lead, the party heads north.

57 Aurumbren [CLAIMED]
A nearly deserted place that was once a mining boom-town. It lies in an arid region not far from the northern desert. There has been a slight revival thanks to rumors of a powerful artifact that the party is searching for.

58 Aurumbren Mines [COMPLETE!]
A large system of mines that goes deep into the earth. Old gold deposits have been abandoned for decades. Several of the older passages are blocked off.

The party descends, breaking through the barriers marked with a similar symbol as one seen in the factory.

59 Battle With Keiran [COMPLETE!]
As the party reaches a dead-end of what appears to be a millenia-old cavern due to the presence of multiple strata. Waiting there is a frightening looking man, wielding a large bladed weapon. He doesn't look happy to see the party, and approaches them in menace. Noticing Merrill and Michael's outfits, he says, "Wesdrow, I should have known...," and attacks.

60 Keiran's Theme [COMPLETE!]
A tall, imposing character, long silver hair. Half his body is replaced with golem-like parts. He also sports golem/machine like wings. He wears a strange amulet that glows red and also sports an eyepatch.

- Scenario Notes -
After defeating Keiran, he seems to expect to be captured or killed. Merrill explains that, while she and her brother are Wesdrow soldiers, they've been long involved in a quest having little to do with one nation and more to do with all nations. She relates their journey.

Keiran explains that whatever they came looking for is long gone--and that he was looking for the same thing. He empathizes with Jayen's situation, and says he knows what it's like to be hunted, although he doesn't elaborate. Weakened, and without any reason to stay, he decides to leave. The discouraged party follows.

61 [EVENT] Jayen's concerns [COMPLETE!]
As they exit the mines, Jayen seems extremely troubled. Merrill tries to find out what's wrong.

Jayen explains, "Gabbad won't listen... Perossa is only concerned about itself... and I'm being hunted. The artifact isn't where it's supposed to be, if it exists at all. This whole journey has been... pointless. I think it's time I went back home."

Merrill initially responds with anger. She'd risked her life--her brother's life--to help Jayen along this whole time. Out of perceived duty, and even beyond. And now Jayen was just going to give up? Michael intervenes, saying there's no point in arguing about anything, and that Jayen's decision is her own. Seemingly compelled by this drama, Keiran offers the party to come with him to his residence and, perhaps after resting, continue their discussion when everyone is in better spirits. They seem grateful, and accept.

62 Illabar Coast [COMPLETE!]
A coastline that runs along the western sea. Moderate in climate, the coast features a mixture of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, grassy paths, and coral-floor inlets.

63 Battle Theme 3 [COMPLETE!]

64 Moirai Dukedom [CLAIMED]
The seat of the dukedom comprises a central castle surrounded by a trading city on the Illabar Coast. Tall stone ramparts, aged with scars of old battles, are visible from any part of the bustling city. Brightly-colored flags adorn the castle's towers. Busy marketplaces fill the streets with the sound of citizens' comings and goings.

65 Duke Moirai [COMPLETE!]
The party, led by Keiran, meets Duke Moirai on their way through the city.

Duke Moirai is the leader of the eponymous Dukedom. He's the eldest of three children (the middle of which died during a rebellion; the youngest is his sister). When the three were children, their uncle (who was adopted into their father's family) usurped their father's position by staging a rebellion amongst the people. The rebellion ended with the deaths of the father, the mother, and the middle child among countless others. The two remaining children, Moirai and his sister Cadence, were able to escape thanks to a hidden passage the servants used in the castle. The two grew up secretly in another country, under the protection of the ruler, and ultimately returned some 15 years later to rise up against their uncle and take back the dukedom. After fulfilling that role, Moirai became the rightful Duke of their home. He's currently trying to stabilize the current economy of the dukedom after all the warring that it saw within the past few years, re-opening the trading city and spreading commerce worldwide.

Moirai is an intelligent man, versed in various subjects and languages from his studies in neighboring Wesdrow. He's a skilled mage, specializing in wind-type spells. He knows that he's quite smart, but when amongst people, he doesn't like to show it, for the comfort of the people around him. He doesn't want people to think he's a know-it-all but knows that most already believe he is. He hates how he has to make "rightful" decisions for the dukedom, even if the actions required are not just and are brutal.

- Scenario Notes -
Duke Moirai and Keiran exchange greetings, and Moirai asks about the others. Keiran explains their situation, while Jayen remains quiet and seemingly unwilling to offer any words. Moirai says that, while others may have turned her down in the past, he knows she is sincere. He says he will attempt to speak with Gabbad's leaders on his behalf. First he'd like to meet with Wesdrow. Jayen's spirits seem to raise, if just a little. Moirai says he'd like to meet with the group later, but that he's busy at the moment. He bids farewell, and Keiran leads the others to his home.

66 Keiran's residence [COMPLETE!]
Keiran says the group should rest and be prepared for their meeting with the Duke later. Keiran then offers some speculation. He explains the artifact is probably kept by Matthias Tirbold himself. The subject referred to in the documents the party saw in the factory is known as the "First Subject": Matthias. Matthias supposedly discovered the artifact in the mines--in the very chamber the party had found Keiran--and blended it's power with technology to augment himself. He then experimented on others. Reila and Shane seem to wince at this. Merrill looks at Keiran, and says, "You too...?" Keiran nods solemnly. He suspects Jayen might be Matthias' next target for experimentation due to her prophetic visions.

- Scenario Notes -
After their discussion, Michael approaches his sister Merrill. He says that, since they are so close to a Wesdrow outpost, this is the perfect opportunity to report back as they haven't been able to make contact with Wesdrow since the beginning of their journey. Merrill agrees, and Michael volunteers to go immediately. Merrill warns him to be careful. Michael sets off as Merrill goes to speak with Jayen. Merrill apologizes, and reiterates that it is still her duty to see Jayen's quest through to the end. Jayen thanks her, and also apologizes for expressing her doubt.

67 [EVENT] On the border #4 [COMPLETE!]
Cut to the border once again. Troops are gathered on the Wesdrow border, very near the Illabar Coast. Suddenly, Captain Breks discovers that Commander Paudren has ordered "the assault" to begin. Having no knowledge of this, Breks goes to speak with the Commander. Paudren, not particularly liking being questioned, approaches the Captain. Breks is told that the assault is of no concern to him as he won't be participating anyway. Paudren then takes a dagger and stabs Breks.

Paudren steps outside his tent, wiping his dagger off. An officer approaches and reports that someone claiming to be a Wesdrow soldier has arrived, and needs to speak with the commander immediately...

68 [EVENT] Michael returns [COMPLETE!]
The next day, Merrill and the rest of the group meet Duke Moirai by the castle. Before they can enter, Moirai's attention is drawn to an approaching guard who says a wounded man wandered into the Dukedom and collapsed by the gate. Moirai apologizes and says he must attend to this matter; Merrill and co. follow.

To their horror, the man, bloody and battered on the ground, is Michael. He struggles to face Merrill, and breathlessly reports that Wesdrow has an army marching on the Moirai Dukedom this very moment. Breks is dead, and it seems Commander Paudren is leading the force. Shocked, Merrill seems speechless. She reprimands her little brother for not being careful enough while holding his wounded body, and then warns Moirai that her brother can't be lying, and that the Duke should prepare to repel the invasion. If Paudren would murder his own soldiers, he won't engage in negotiations with Moirai.

69 [EVENT] Battle plans [COMPLETE!]
Having little choice, Moirai and the party meet in his castle to prepare plans to defend the Dukedom. Michael will rest in the safety of the castle; Keiran volunteers to take his place in the party.

70 [EVENT] Defense of Moirai [COMPLETE!]
Wesdrow draws close to the Dukedom limits to begin their invasion. The epic battle is fought on the ramparts, battlements, and streets between Paudren's army and the Dukedom Guard, led by Duke Moirai himself. Merrill comes up with a bold plan to drive straight through the enemy ranks and take down Paudren.

71 Boss Battle 3 [COMPLETE!]
The assault culminates in a boss battle with Commander Paudren and his personal guards.

Paudren, dying, is interrogated by Merrill. She suspects Matthias Tirbold bought the Commander's loyalty long ago; he confirms this begrudgingly. She delivers the final blow without remorse.

72 [EVENT] Victory! [COMPLETE!]
The party realizes they've repelled the attack, and watch as defenders and citizens alike cheer in the streets for the freedom of the Moirai Dukedom. The Duke himself thanks the party, for without them the battle might not have ended in victory.

Jayen realizes she's just been apart of something very important, and will have a special place in history. Her hope is renewed.

73 [EVENT] Celebration [COMPLETE!]
A last-minute festival is arranged and carried out by the people to celebrate their victory.

74 [EVENT] Reila & Shane [COMPLETE!]
During the festival, Reila and Shane meet and discover many similar things between them. Where could this relationship be going...?

75 Michael's Theme [CLAIMED]
Michael recovers just in time to see the festival finale, honoring both him, his sister, their party, and the soldiers of the Moirai Dukedom.

- Scenario Notes -
As the party looks on during a fantastic display, they discuss their next move. Jayen says she needs to go home, but does not ask that the others join her. Michael says it's his duty to do so, and pledges his service. Merrill does the same, and the others follow suit. Keiran asks Merrill if she intends to confront Matthias, and she nods. Keiran was planning to do the same anyway, so he suggests they go settle the score together.

Jayen leads the way southeast, into a thick forest.

76 Deep-Hidden Woods [COMPLETE!]
An ethereal place, with a constant mist in the air, oddly-colored plants, and glowing crystal sticking out of the earth. Most of the monsters are magical animals, with some spirit/ghost-like creatures.

77 Mustle [COMPLETE!]
Beyond the forest is a series of tall trees that form a sort of village, where the majority of the mustlen live. This place still exists in the pocket dimension originally created for the mustlen race, and the only known portal is on the side of a cliff near the ocean. The mustlen have slept here for the past few thousand years.

- Scenario Notes -
Jayen goes to meet with the council of elders. They inquire about her quest, and if she has succeeded in her diplomacy. She says she has failed in this. The council seems unsurprised, and laments the "warring" race of humans. The elders also seem suspicious about Jayen's company, and why she's brought them here.

"Honored elders, I have indeed failed in my mission of diplomacy. However, in laying down one charge, I have picked up another: a quest to prevent my visions from coming to pass. Here we may seem at peace and protected; but out there, there are people who are also peaceful, but not so protected. These people, my friends, are the greatest protectors I have ever encountered. And they don't do it for money, for any gain, like those who covet the prophesied artifact. They do it because they know it is the right thing to do. And though all this time it seemed as though they followed me... truly, it was I who was following them. Now, we all have something in common, as do the inhabitants of this whole world. We will find the man who seeks to enslave all, and we will defeat him. I hereby lay down my burden of Diplomat of the Mustlen, and take up the fight for all races."

After leaving Mustle, the party heads to where they expect to find Matthias Tirbold: The Industrus.

78 Industrus [COMPLETE!]
A corporation-city, wherein commerce is embedded into the very fabric of society. Machinic, dark, and uncomfortably warm.

79 Carran's Theme [COMPLETE!]
Within the Industrus, the woman whom the party saw with Matthias in Sidhe appears.

Carran is an artist and underground ninja, though her ninja training is more for fun and personal defense for the rough streets of Sidhe more than anything else. Her painting helps keep her fighting skills sharp, and she occasionally seeks out thugs on the streets to beat up, but her real value to the party is her former relationship to Matthias: they were lovers when the tycoon was still young and innocent. She is hoping to protect Matthias from the party, possibly even appeal to his good nature, something she knows very well. She is fond of throwing daggers and shortswords, but she has also fashioned her paintbrush to receive enchantments allowing her to "paint" her spells into the air.

- Scenario Notes -
She reveals that she once loved Matthias, but is certain he's no longer the man he used to be. She knows about Merrill and her exploits, and realizes what must be done. She insists upon joining the party.

Carran leads them to the Industrus Core, which requires a password upon entry. She asks Merrill, "Do you really intend to kill him?"

Merrill responds, "We'll do to him as he has done to the people of this world."

Carran sighs, nods, and slowly enters the password, allowing the party to enter.

80 Battle Theme 4 [COMPLETE!]

81 Industrus Core [COMPLETE!]
A massive industrial complex. Instead of retrofitting or dissembling the factories within the complex, a cost considered to not be worth the trouble, Matthias simply built over or around the old factories; thus forming this hulking mass of pipes and steel. A collection of failed ideas long since abandoned by Matthias, he retreats to this complex and activates its unstable experiments in a last ditch effort to fend off his pursuers who he knows are now coming after him as his guards inform him upon their entrance into the Industrus.

82 [EVENT] The Artifact [COMPLETE!]
Arriving at the heart of the Industrus Core, the party finally discovers the artifact they had been searching for. It glows faintly, nestled inside a complex-looking machine suspended over a shallow, murky pool of liquid. It emits a soft violet light. Matthias stands in the pool, tending to the machine.

- Scenario Notes -
Matthias turns around and is surprised to see Carran at the lead. They exchange words briefly, business-like, devoid of emotion. Merrill then demands Matthias shut the machine down. She says the artifact's power shouldn't be used to taint people or animals, and that it must stop now.

Matthias pauses for a moment, and looks up at the machine. "You're right. It is time to end this." He pulls a lever, and the machine emits sounds as if it is powering down. The soft glow of the artifact fades away. Suddenly, red light bursts from the artifact, slicing through its mechanical prison. The artifact's shell dissolves, and the red light thrusts upward, through the ceiling, and into the sky.

Merrill demands to know what Matthias has done. He explains coolly, "You see, when I first used the artifact's power to enhance my own body, it ended in somewhat of a failure. As you can see." He steps into the light to reveal bizarre, half-mechanical, half-biological pieces engraved into his body. "I realized that humans aren't the best template for enhancement. If you want something perfect, you have to do better than that. So I decided I needed some help from the experts."

The party listens with perplexed expressions, as the detached madman continues. "The race that first encountered the artifact didn't fare well, either. But I thought I could learn from their mistakes. So I used the artifact to breath life into a millenia-old corpse. Unfortunately..."

Matthias steps closer, his voice growing more grim. "...he wasn't very helpful. In fact, he can't even speak. I suppose the artifact can't work miracles. Nevertheless, he's proven to be an exceptional bodyguard. A perfect bodyguard for a perfect being."

Carran says, "What being? What have you done, Matthias?" He replies, "Actually, I didn't have to do much at all. You should have seen it. She's the only creature to have received the energies of the artifact without any mechanical assistance. It's like she was destined to carry its power. But it's an awful burden. She's been sleeping."

Matthias then looks at Jayen. "But she'll be awake soon. The beasts that pursue you, mustlen girl... I modeled them in her image. You've managed to elude them, but believe me, you won't be able to escape from her. Then your gift will be hers. And the nothing will stop her."

Merrill draws her katana, and the others follow suit. "Jayen doesn't need to run anymore. We'll kill this beast of yours where it sleeps."

Matthias, with sudden rage, shouts, "You won't find her!" The entire Core begins to rumble; it seems the machine's shut-down and consequent burst of energy weakened the structure. Matthias lunges at the party in attack.

83 Battle With Matthias [COMPLETE!]

84 [EVENT] Death of Matthias [COMPLETE!]
Carran approaches Matthias, who writhes on the ground in fatal condition. "If you had listened to me, you wouldn't be dying. You're a fool." Matthias replies in a weak voice, "At least... my victories... will outlast me. I will be remembered."

Carran responds, "Not by me," and finishes him off.

85 [EVENT] Escape! [COMPLETE!]
The party escapes the collapsing Industrus Core, having to exit a different way then they had come in. Carran leads the way.

86 [EVENT] Resolve [COMPLETE!]
Merrill and the others resolve to finish this, one way or another. Jayen puzzles over what Matthias meant when he spoke of "the first race that encountered the artifact". The book she read at Sidhe mentioned such a civilization, but made no mention of its supposed location. Carran thinks she may have an idea. Apparently, though Matthias originally found the artifact in the Aurumbren Mines, it didn't start there. It had come from the north, past the Burning Plain. The Plain has not been crossed by anyone in centuries--at least no one who recorded their journey. All Carran knows is that it is rumored that, beyond the Plain, there lies ruins of an ancient city.

87 Airship 2 [CLAIMED]
The sky has turned a foreboding red.

88 World Map 3 [COMPLETE!]

89 The Burning Plain [COMPLETE!]
An entire region of boiling hot lakes and streams of lava, this place also happens to be the home of a type of orange-ish red grass that looks like fire when it sways in the wind.

90 Boss Battle 4

91 Crumbling Ruined City of Mur
It always seems to raining in this dark, dreary ruin. There are no great structures left in the city to hint at its former greatness. Everything is but a skeletal version of its former self. A hint of evil lingers in the air. Aside from mosses and mushrooms, plants refuse to retake the ruins, and dangerous creatures skulk in the shadows.

92 Battlefield of the Ancients
An ancient, desolate battlefield filled with corpses of petrified giants. Rocky mounds of petrified remains are everywhere, and towering, rusty weapons litter the battlefield. The barren wasteland seems to stretch on forever.

93 Final Dungeon
A structure built into the side of a mountain on the edge of the battlefield seems to be the only place to go. The party enters a labyrinthine system of stone catwalks overlooking deep, vast chasms. As they venture deeper into the abyss, violet light slowly pulses from the darkness.

94 [EVENT] Ceremony
Upon reaching the bottom of the abyss, the party reaches a stone altar. There stands an enormous man--a giant--whose ashen flesh looks sickly and rotten. His bald head is adorned with designs, appearing to have been painted with blood. He clearly wields magic, as his arms are outstretched toward a massive crystalline door as violet light travels between it and the giant. The crystal seems to be weakening; the door is being opened. The party has found the guardian, and interrupts his ceremony.

95 Final Battle Part 1
The angered giant attacks the party with ferocious, frightening magic. The hulking figure looks like some ancient sorcerer gone made, searing fire and red lightning engulfing his arms as he lashes at the party with dangerous energies. His errant spellcasting damages the altar and lights up the dark chasm in fits of blinking chaos.

- Scenario Notes -
After being defeated, the giant falls to the ground. The power of the artifact having left him, his body begins to petrify and crumble. So too does the crystalline door begin to crumble and shatter. The party carefully enters.

96 Final Battle Part 2
The dark room is more like a cave carved out of the surrounding stone. Torches line the crude walls, and the uneven path leads to a massive, shadowy figure. It rises, resting on four thick, thorny legs. It resembles the enchanted beasts that hunted Jayen, but far larger, more grotesque, and more fearsome. This was the mother of the beasts, and it has awoken from its slumber.

97 [EVENT] Twisted prayer
With the defeat of the beast, it lets out a frightening, sustained cry. It falls to the ground. Suddenly, within the beast a red light pulses. Its flesh tears away as an inky, purely black form begins writhing out. Black tendrils thrust outward, stabbing into the wall, as if clutching it. Suddenly the tendrils tear the wall and ceiling apart, and pale red light pours in. It seems that the room in which the beast was at the opposite end of the mountain in which the party entered; now surrounding them was a massive, barren stretch of land. The sky above remains ominously red, and the world below is eerily still.
98 Final Battle Part 3 [CLAIMED]
The pure black form grows to an enormous size, its tendrils forming into massive, bone-like wings. This is the true form of what was captured inside the artifact: a demon from the depths of man's most terrible nightmares.

99 Ending Theme
The defeated demon, out of control, tears into the earth. Jayen suddenly has one last vision. In her vision she sees the destruction of the earth as fire feel from the red sky, all life obliterated with it. But she can be its savior, and choose to use her power to return the three great races to their original home dimensions. There they would remain for eternity, as the earth outside crumbled to dust to be forever uninhabitable. Unfortunately not all life could be saved, and only those privileged few humans and elves nearest their home dimensions would live. Jayen and her companions are too far away, as are the entire nations of Wesdrow, Gabbad, Perossa, and Moirai. Snapping out of her vision, she knows what she has to do. Fire begins to form in the sky. Merrill looks to Jayen, and realizes she has had another vision.

Jayen will relinquish her power. She wants to choose to save as much life as she can.

But, as she is ready to make the sacrifice, she sees something else. A stranger vision than any she had seen. A vision that contradicts the other. Must she choose to return the world to the way it began?

Or, perhaps...

100 Staff Roll

Millenia later, a young mustlen girl sits by a campfire, listening to an old elf tell a story. He speaks of a time when all the earthly races lived in separate worlds, and despised each other. But one day, when the whole earth was under the threat of destruction, the races banded together and sacrificed their own separate worlds in order to protect the planet. In doing so, on that day, many worlds became one.