Monday, July 25, 2011


The world is called A'deo, a name given by its first and only human-like inhabitants. This race of giants has existed for millenia, and over time has achieved the supreme societal ideal of peace and democratic harmony.

Emboldened by the acquisition of this cultural nirvana--a feat of which the greater historians of the giants' own early history predicted would never happen--three of its most powerful denizens set out to create their own races which they would nurture from inception into an age of prosperity mirroring their own. Using powerful magic, the giants created dimensions that existed just outside the boundaries of the real world in order to shield these fledgling races from the natural dangers of A'deo. The three new races were the Humans, the Elves, and the Mustlen.

Behind the scenes, tragedy was soon to befall the giants. The Artifact, from which only disharmony emitted, began to seep into the utopian society that had stood stalwart in its civility for ages. Brooding unrest, and then eventually all out civil war, erupted and tore the race of giants apart. The mighty giants were all but destroyed before the three creators of the newborn races could lead their primitive children to their ultimate destiny.

The dimensions protecting the humans, elves, and mustlen remained, shielding the infant cultures from the hostile environment of the real world. As each society grew over the ages, they began to wonder about the world outside of their artificial boundaries; a world which their creators had warned them not to venture into before their time.

The humans evolved the quickest, and all but abandoned their place of origin. Braving the wilds of A'deo, they took to their new home without looking back. All written accounts of their origins have since disappeared, and even the main religions of the race only hint at the truth of their creation. But not all humans left their place of birth...

The elves were slower to evolve, but when it was time to venture into A'deo, their society essentially split in two: those who refused to leave their place of safety and remain under the guidance of their original creator; and those who believed their creator abandoned them to their fate. This second group maintained societal solidarity relative to the humans, most eventually settling into a region now know as the nation of Perossa. This nation has retained the class distinctions and government of the old elven home which still exists in its own "pocket" dimension.

The mustlen have only recently ventured out into A'deo, still maintaining utmost devotion to their creator. One of their citizens--Jayen--has begun seeing visions of A'deo's destruction. While the mustlen know only vaguely of the humans and elves populating the world--and most don't care to know more--Jayen's stubborn pleading of the culture's elders has convinced them to let her act as a sole emissary for the race. She seeks an ominous artifact that pervades her visions.

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